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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. >> abc2news at 11:00. >> when you have, you are going to have real problems. >> neighbors of a bar take their complaints to the liquor board. the back and forth that allows it to keep its license. a few showers tonight. will we see bigger rain tomorrow? i have the answer. >> close doesn't count in baseball. the orioles drop game one to the rays. the story coming up. >> this basically said someone had referred her to be a participant in a pageant. a letter in the mail. the first part of a beauty pageant scam. abc2news at 11:00. tee bee's keeping its liquor license in place. >> today they had a fine and
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stern warning. what next for neighbors. >> reporter: they are not stopping with the liquor board. we learned at least one homeowner will petition the leasing company to get the business shut down. the owner of tee bee's took the stand to say he upgraded security. >> my concern, then, is for stray bullets. >> reporter: sue level came to the liquor board hearing pointing to problems like this. a bullet hole in a home. the riffraff starts at tee bee's place. >> when all the violence goes on outside, semi-automatic weapons are fired, we're not talking anything about the community. >> they live in the neighborhood. >> reporter: the back and forth went in front of the liquor board following two killings this summer. the first victim was shot in the parking lot. >> the victim and victim's companion had been in the bar. they walked outside of the bar. >> reporter: inside on september 1. a security guard
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was stabbed to death while breaking up a fight. >> mr. barnes and his company no way committed or allowed the commission of any offenses. >> reporter: neighbors point every finger at tee bee's customers. they living across from the business and stay gunshots and stabbings are only gunshots are part of the problem. there is fighting and people taking over our property. >> there is people sitting on our furniture. we told him to sit on the curb and wait for his ride. >> he has secured cameras outside, but they were not bourqueing the night -- working
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the night jones died. they are negotiating a an upgrade. >> i talked to security firms and off-duty police. >> reporter: in the end, a $2000 fine for tee bee's and rodney barnes can keep his license. >> we just talk to the community and we are going to do everything we can to avoid any problems. >> we'll have to wait and see. there was a warning from the chairman of the liquor board. another violent act and the license could be suspended or taken away. but again, some neighbors are not sitting back and accepting today's ruling. cheryl conner, abc 2. now to towson. the record theater will find out the fate of its liquor license later in the month. there was a riot where one person was shot and seven arrested. the theater came under fire after a fraternity sponsored event drew way more than a capacity crowd. they closed the doors once they reached 630 people but as many as four times that amount remained outside in the street and things quickly got out of control. weather wise, a relatively clear scenario on maryland's most powerful radar for the moment. we have seen showers earlier this evening. clouds coming in thick. the potential is there for a damp commute. gives yourself time in the morning, more shower activity
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through the afternoon and thunderstorms rumbling through the area as well. so an unsettled pattern, yes, and the possibility of showers again lingering into the morning commute. we'll talk about how fast this whole system eventually pushes out and what is behind it later this week. coming up. in the news tonight, we take you to paterson mail room. big meeting at the rec center. the neighborhood says they put a lot of time and effort into turning the back into what it is today, a beautiful greenery. they are all against the 100 parking spots to expand the senior center there. >> it is a walking park, not a driving park. if you don't like the senior center, now you are a posed to -- on posed to seniors, what type of talk is that. >> the casino building is, it is a building for seniors. according to the mayor's office, no final decision is
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made yet. and in east baltimore, neighbors concerned over the death of anderson anthony in police custody take their message to the streets. he died a week ago. a preliminary autopsy says he didn't die after choking on drugs as police first said. now it is a criminal investigation. neighbors say that is a good thing. >> i don't want to get beat on. i'm not scared of these juvenile delinquents. i'm scared of the police. i mean that. >> we are waiting on the autopsy and police are continuing the investigation. scary situation at heritage high school in northeast baltimore. it started as an argument. one student pulled out a knife and stabbed another. the student looks like he will make it. he was treated by the nurse and taken to johns hopkins hospital. they are still talking to a person of interest. the parent of a first grader is in some hot water tonight after a teacher found pot in the 6 year old's
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backpack. the child attends east port elementary in annapolis. it was found while checking the student's homework. they tracked down who they believe is the source. >> of course officers wanted to talk to the child's mother. she had two warrants for her arrest. she was arrested that day. the investigation is ongoing. >> it was about a gram of pot. school officials don't believe the student had any idea what was in the bag. the orioles prove they never give up. they were down and losing 5-1 in the ninth when chris davis slugged one to the rafters. according to the ground rules, this is a home run. the first oriole to homer in five straight days since reggie jackson about it in 1976. they got the winning run to the plate but could not push it over. the final, tampa 5, orioles 3. itis fun and games to get caught up in the team colors.
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orange has taken over the town. new shirts will be hitting the streets in just a few hours. it is o for october. michael tyson cannot wait for the playoff order he made weeks ago and neither can than fa romeo santos. >> baseball got me through a lot of things. deployments. i lost my wife recently. baseball, the orioles baseball got me through a lot. this means so much. >> and that's the playoff passion. stores are looking for it. get your playoff gear. we want to see your pride. send us pictures of you and your family deked out in orange and sell grating the trip to the playoffs. send them to pics if you went looking for cupcakes tonight, you were out of the loop. this is all about the coke
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phenomenal johnny cup cake. hundreds gathered for the cupcakes for the crib tour. there were a few suites on the menu. it is about the success of the johnny cup cake brand. they are selling limited edition shirts, and hats, he founded the company when he was 19. he sold t-shirts from the back of his truck and now is drawing crowds all over. >> if i could build this brand, if i could build this multi- million dollar t-shirt brand that started as a joke with a learning disability and with something as weird as cupcakes, i tell them they can do it with anything. >> johnny was voted business week best young entrepreneur. he is making 21 stops on his tour. we have a traffic look for
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you tonight. here is abc2news. lauren cook. >> i'm lauren cook with the timesaver traffic report. if you are traveling on 695 beware that construction on the loop has shut down the off-ramp to westbound wilkins. there is utility work on the inner loop blocking the off- ramp to security boulevard. that will be shut down through 5:00 a.m. you will want to use the detour. i'll track the commute on good morning maryland beginning at 4:30. the pb&j tomorrow might be minus the pb. >> the re-call is expending to more stores and more brands. and check out our abc2news app. an outhanding weather page awaits you. while you may need to look at it, coming up. we think our daughters are the most beautiful keith -- creators on the base of the
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earth. don't fall for this beauty pageant scam.
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. >> if you have an american express card, you may have extra money in your pocket, they have to pay back $85 million to customers. it is a government investigation that uncovered illegal late fees, rewards promised and not paid and for discriminating against people over the age of 35. the refund will be spread among 250,000 customers and also the government struck similar deals with discover and capital one. check your pantry tonight. the peanut butter recall got bigger. trader's joe pulled some from the shelves. more chains are removing more product, the recall from the mexico based company sundlin includes almond and cash auto butter. it impacts, whole foods, safe
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way, target, and giant. many people got salmonella after eating it. since the iphone 5 release apple has been on the defense. there were a few glitches in the operating system and the map application. now there may be a bug putting you over your data limit. verizon customers noticed their data disappearing even when the phones were on wifi. verizon says they will not charge for the overage and put in a software fix. families have been opening their mail to learn that their daughter has been invited to take part in a beauty contest. who is behind the letters? we check it out so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: every young girl dreams of being a beauty queen. when a letter shows up in the mail saying your daughter is selected for a beauty pageant
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it is tough to say no, but many times it leads to expense and disappointment. what teen would not want to walk down a run way in front of a crowd. this 13 year old was thrilled to receive an invitation to a pageant. the 2012 miss teen contest. >> we received a letter at the house that said someone had referred her to be a participant in this pageant. >> reporter: the mom took her daughter to the information session at a local holiday inn. >> through the interview they said we had to ask sponsors to participate and collect almost $500. >> reporter: that had mom concerned, she got online and found complaints saying the $495 fee was just the beginning of what they would have to pay for photos, gowns, travel and tickets. >> it just -- everything just didn't added up. >> reporter: a pageant spokesman said it is a legitimate operation and gives
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away thousands of dollars in scholarships and says fees are exposed in advance. the website says it is based in chicago, but the better business bureau says it connects to "america's beauty pageants" a virginia company with an f rating. and they are not connected to pageants with good bbb ratings. in the end, she packed out. >> i didn't need a beauty pageant. i have beauty inside and that's all that matters. >> reporter: before you ever consider a talent competition, beauty pageant or tv show audition, do a thorough search of the company holding the tryouts. you should be able to find out in a few minutes if it is a worthwhile production or a case of don't waste your money. when -- last year, they
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claimed there were hundreds of dead vetters in the last election, and they again found some this here, who died, some have been dead for years. >> we found two voters that have died and who voted after their date of death. >> now, keller says that at a nursing home out of the 90 registered voters, 42 were dead but their names were active on the rolls. she thinks the election board ought to mind the books better. with just one more full day to prepare for the first debate, president obama and mitt romney are doing the same thing, they are playing down their own debating skills. they are taughting the other's talents, the latest poll shows a close gap. karen traverse has more from
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washington. >> reporter: this campaign has been going on for nearly two years. finally, it is debate season for the nominees. the time when americans seem to really start paying attention. president obama is rehearsing with john kerry while mitt romney is squaring off against rob portman. both have challenges and check lifts. is working on shorter answers and trying to avoid sounding like the professor he was before the white house. democrats say he needs to look strong and forceful and not appear irritated or i am pat. >> they are trying to get him in the mode of being able to answer questions short and to the point. so it is more like his man errisms, style, and the way he comes across. >> reporter: and mitt romney, he has to seem friend li err, after the 47% comments. he needs to show compassion and
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connect with voters. romney arrived in colorado to continue his prep but took a brief break to rally supporters. >> what a colorado welcome. thank you so much. >> reporter: he also took a break with a visit to a nevada campaign office. >> this is obama, how are you? >> a new poll found that 56% expect the president to win the debates. lowered expectations could be good for romney, if he turns in a strong performance they can boast a big win and leave denver can momentum. and you can watch the debate here on abc 2 wednesday. our coverage begins at 9:00 with diane and george stephanopoulos. we have a clean sweep out there as we push towards the
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11:30 hour. conditions are just damp. we think that begins to change into the day tomorrow. 63 now at bwi. dew point pushing 60. humidity around 80. sun getting to be less and less available commodity here as we roll into october. dundalk today clouded up heavy in the afternoon. a couple light, passing showers in laurel. it was a sunny day, good practice out in the field at the high school annex and clouds thickened later in the afternoon before we had a decent sun set. the temperatures statewide in the mid 50s for the eastern shore and central part of the state, the western shore along the chesapeake is child. clouds have come in big time. a few passing showers developed this afternoon. they have diminished but there is more rain developing back to the south and west over west
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virginia reaching all the way to the tennessee valley. there will be hit and miss showers tomorrow. i'm not expecting all day soaking rhein, but on and off showers and thundershowers to develop into the afternoon. we'll watch for that. we think as we go into wednesday most of the precipitation will lift to the north and we'll sit pretty from wednesday to friday. the system diminishes past sunset but will ramp up tomorrow as the system moves from west to east and kicks out over the new england states. not particularly powerful, we don't expect much severe weather, but it is a large system with deep moisture down into the gulf of mexico. we can see hit and miss showers from the system and warmer weather will wraparound the system and it will get mild toward the end of the week and cooler air knock on the door. for now it is bottled up in the
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northern plains. the tropics, in the south atlantic, one disturbance, we're keeping an eye on a 30 to 40 percent chance of development off the northern coast of south america. the atlantic fairly quiet. not so much the story in the pacific. we have video if you have not seen this. take a look at this. this is okinawa, a major typhoon. it blows dumpsters across the marine corps base. cars are being ripped to shreds too. there goes a pickup truck in the wind. so again, something that we don't see often, typhoon making a landfall on the japanese coast in okinawa. here, nothing like that. 58 degrees, mostly cloudy, hit and miss showers, there could be dampness on the road for the
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morning commute. you know how traffic is, any weather slows it down. tomorrow night, the whole system should begin to taper off. the last of these showers into wednesday morning, briefly warmer, and drier thursday and friday. that looks outstanding. and then cooler, breezy weather for the weekend. we won't get out of the 60s until friday. back to you. all right. well, there you go. there were more fans at pickles on saturday night than at the trop tonight. we're in st. pete where the orioles made it interesting in ninth only to lose, 5-3. >> reporter: spirited comeback in the ninth, but the orioles lose the opening game of the series 5-3 to the tampa bay rays. fans say they are still confident. >> reporter: jubilation and possibly relief for rays fans.
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>> it was intense. the orioles should have won. we came out and tried hard. >> there is no way in the world the red sox will lose three to the yankees. we need them to beat them one of three games. >> they are playing their hearts out. they are playing good baseball. that is what you want to see. is fun baseball. >> reporter: earlier we talked about how the orioles were fortunate not to face david price. he pitched sunday. he won't pitch in the series. price is just one member of the staff. the entire rays pitching staff has given up the fewest runs in all of baseball. the orioles have their work cut out for them going into game two on tuesday. christian schafer, abc2news. the fans got it on mapquest. >> they are down there. there were 13,000 tonight. 12,000 orioles fans. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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and those well grounded.
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. >> seth mcfar land will hand out the hardware at the next academy awards, he was picked to make it entertaining and fresh. his idols are johnny carson and bob hope. because his movie ted, where he plays the voice of the bear was the highest grossing movie of the year, the awards can be seen on february 24. the next bomb girl is
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adele. columbia records is debuting she will deboot a piece on her website friday night. skyfall opens november 9 in the u.s. great voice. all right. let's talk about the weather. a little mix the next day or so here. showers on and off. you walk out, ten minutes later it is raining, ten minutes not. morning commute, slick roads, never helps the traffic situation. keep that in mind as you make your plans in the morning. seven day forecast, we have some improvement after a dreary day tomorrow. the weekend forecast is cooler, most of saturday and all of sunday, in the 60s. that will feel like october.
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